Getting to Know You

Some of us are good at knowing ourselves. Those that do, have a strength that immediately sets boundaries, they know what they want, and what to do. Are you that someone?

Not all of us are and that’s ok because we can learn and grow to know ourselves, one moment at a time, one day at a time, and as long as it has to take.

The main problem is usually doubt, which is like being on shaky ground. It clouds us. We push, work, and force ourselves to get things done without stopping. And maybe…

Teaching and Loving the Students

From the movie, Motherless Brooklyn, quote from actor Ed Norton playing Lionel Essrog: “Frank said anyone teaching God’s love while they hit you with a stick should be ignored on every subject.”

Can anyone relate to this quote? Catholic school memories could take you down this path if you went there for elementary and high schools. I can remember kids getting hit with yardsticks and yes, while they preached about God’s love. Nuns making us wear a dunce hat standing in a corner. There were so many instances of this type of poor teaching, aka abuse, school became how to…

How we compare

This story stems from a writing prompt given to our writing group when I was in college.

“Zeus, aged, like the wind in his hair, but strong and virile as a youth, climbs Olympus and opens the mountain’s eye and reaches in to take the light that molds to his hand like it was a part of him. It is the source of his strength, it is eternally his, it is only his.”

Zeus reigned over everyone. He had fifty-four children and twenty-three consorts. A powerful Greek god and a protector of truth for which he doled out justice to…

Fiction Short

Once upon a hill lived an old woman with scraggly grey hair wrapped in a bun. Wisps of curls laced her face top and side like bunches of frayed cotton balls. She rarely went to the market or outside except to tend her garden and then only on Sundays. Her mailbox was attached to her porch wall outside her door.

She ate from the abundance of her garden and froze the meat from her pigs and ate the eggs from her hens. Her garden produced mounds of greens and lettuces, tomatoes on vines, watermelons that trailed along her fence. …

Poetry prompt day 28 — erasing memories

some memories are wished
to be forgotten
parting ways
feeling hurt and betrayed
those that make our hearts beat
and remind us of misspent years
of love and friendship, or loss

it’s never a good time to remember
they can be written on paper or
in a journal
then erase
to make the page blank again
as many times as necessary
when they return
until they never come back

spending tears on past unhappy events
doesn’t help to create new memories
keeping the body, heart, and mind
immobile or stuck

slipping back relives them
writing and erasing moves unwanted

A poem

brilliantly red and hot
like ravaged, bloody bodies
left in the sun

forgotten souls
bleeding hearts
needing protection
no one hears or listens

walking into the lion’s den
unawares of the danger lying
behind the mask

weakened from lack of love
they’re marked and don’t know

dragons fly in their direction
waiting to usurp and draw the
bitterness from them
the rage of being left
fallacious pretenses

salvation exists on the brink of
where fellow souls seek justice
for them
to spare the meek

strength abides bellowing in the
superheroes of the children
of the street
to walk…

Movie Review

A 1990 film that will make you laugh and smile with its terrific ending, yet the rest of the movie beginning to end, is thrilling, fun, and a crazy ride. It’s directed by Roger Donaldson and encapsulated by such great actors as Robin Williams, Tim Robbins, Fran Drescher, Lori Petty, Pamela Reed, and Annabella Sciorra to name a few. I found out the movie was filmed at an abandoned Cadillac dealership in Long Island City, Queens, NY, which they name in the film as Turgeon Luxury Auto Sales.

Robin Williams is a car salesman at Turgeon and loves to sell…

Poem — Having hope after hard times

spatters on the window
pitter patter
lively drops

downpours of lengthy hours
smattering its sovereignty
languorous breaks turn into
cantankerous floods
gorging out new pathways
weighing down the old
changing the face of the earth

sunken sidewalks
buildings crumbling and wet
every opening sinking under

when all is lost
what changes is you and the landscape
your way of life
changed forever

rising above the waters
the pain of losing sears your perception
of how it should be, what it used to be, or
what might have been
strangling the view that must come to…

Giulietta Passarelli

Author/Poet/Writer of middle grade novels, short stories, & poems, for adults & the ageless:; updates website every 1st of the month.

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