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Where do I begin? If anyone thought this was going to be a non-positive article on men, they’re wrong. I like finding the beauty in both sexes and believe that men and women have the capacity to learn and grow, to love, and be the best they can be.

I love to see a man fathering a child, the tenderness and affection they share with their children. It’s in sync with a mother’s love and surrounds you in a warm blanket. Men teach differently, present themselves differently, and their supportive side is to be admired.

Men have more skeletal muscle mass than women and I, and I’m sure all women, appreciate or love the way men can be so much stronger or abler when lifting, when working with heavy machinery, and in building. I so admire builders that can come into a room and renovate anything in a room or rebuild a new one. That doesn’t mean that women can’t compete. Yes, we can, but this is an article about men and it’s not about comparing us to them in that way.

I remember once when I was in a video store and a young son was there with his father. The boy cried about a video he wanted though the father had already picked something out and was ready to check out. He cried terribly, which always hits me in the gut whenever a child cries in a store, and the father didn’t get upset or mad at him in any way. He just tenderly said, “I don’t want you to cry. I will get it for you.” He had such patience and love for him, that it only brought out his tenderness and not his ire or impatience. It was a lovely sight to see and remember. It was truly kind. Now some might joke and say the father caved in, the boy was playing his number, but it wasn’t like that at all. The boy wasn’t having a tantrum or making a spectacle, just a sincere desire to have something he liked. We should cave in when it’s sincere and giving to a child who’s heartbroken is very kind and if it’s something you can’t afford, then there is most certainly something you can do to ease their pain, rather than let your child cry on. It’s sort of like rescuing your child from himself and not giving him grief or putting him into a more tense state.

Men can be very giving towards women, protective, loving, and supportive. They help at a deeper level than themselves when men so direct themselves and have the heart and maturity for that kind of love. Men are our heroes at war, in a fire, and on the streets. They love to serve and protect, and they fill our lives with something opposite of our own ways, so it becomes a mutual learning experience and an attraction. Women love men, men love men. It’s all good as long as they are good for each other. There has to be more than love though. There must be honesty and respect. There are so many to love in all walks of life. I love men that teach others to do the right thing and stick by that themselves. Our political world is crumbling and those that care for the people who are coming from the right place, willing to do the right thing, and can’t be bought, are to be admired and are great in my eyes.

There are many views on men and this article hopefully shows you a view or two that makes you think better about them or reminds you of their good stuff.

Someone, a male friend of mine, asked when I was going to write about men. Not sure this is what he meant, but hopefully he likes what I’ve written, and others do too. I thought maybe I wasn’t qualified to write about men since I’m a woman, but why not? I’ve lived with them and they are the best that was created to be the opposite of us, yet in a very unique way, like us too.

One more thought. There’s nothing like being held by a man you love, being intimate, and sharing all your feelings whether they are the best feelings or not. It’s important that they want to know you and care about you. My son when he was much younger said to me once, “Mom, only gay men are sensitive.” I laughed just hearing wisdom from a young kid. I love gay men and have always loved their sensitivity, but all men can be sensitive because sensitivity is definitely where it’s at in a relationship and needed so much. So, whatever type of man you are, the only type that counts is the one that is sensitive, loving, honest, and respectful. I just want to know who you are, where you’ve been, where you’re going, and how you live your life, and what you believe in, and most important, how you treat yourself and others, women, your family, and those around you.

There’s never been a better time when it’s so close to Valentine’s Day to think about who you are and what you’re made of. My love goes out to all men. My trust resides in their capacity to be the strong, lovable, sensitive persons that they are, fully aware of their goodness, their courage, honesty, and ability to make it so and last.

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