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Photo by Ehud Neuhaus on Unsplash

The dark surrounds the barrenness

it creeps along brittle, cracked walls

like a shadow’s stare upon the steps

death creases the landscape with

strands of open wounds and calloused skin

that shed upon the floor

grave it is

grave as the starless, moonless night

fiercely piercing stricken hearts

death awaits the faces of its victims’ obedience

shriveled they become

sickly, ravenous, stoically numb

hear the sounds of mourning

scratching and tearing of hearts

the Dark bleeds joyously

it seethes with pleasure for

broken bodies glued to its veins

deeply it will arouse you

but you will find yourself lost in the barrenness

of its shadows like an endless maze of misery

finding your way out impossible

who goes there?

a frightened voice fills the emptiness

it is I, the Dark of Night

the black of souls

there is no escape

be afraid and shiver, for I have come not

to banish your fears, but to increase them

to pound your flesh into ruinous waste

shudder and shake

for I stand in your wake

the Dark is calling

damn the Light!

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