The stuff of women — collage

Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash

The picture that comes to mind is in a frame in my office, but that’s not where it was created or born. It is a collage of several different women that I put together when I became a single person again and lived in a different house.

There is one woman, slim with short brown hair, flared out from a breeze, her eyes covered in round, silver-rimmed sunglasses, white collared blouse with a dark, short jacket, hands in her pockets, standing on a bridge with tall cable spires behind her, and the words to preserve and protect alongside her. Her stance is upbeat and confident.

Another woman was Native American attired in tribal dress, her shoulders covered in a woven blanket. She was lovely and matronly with long black hair pulled back from her face holding a baby in a handmade carrier, a cradleboard, placed on her lap. I sensed her serene mother spirit when I gazed at her face.

The next woman was a modern businesswoman. The article told of her work stating how she talks about sex every day as an educator in the field.

There was also a beautiful, smiling woman’s face with the caption “Sometimes words are not enough.” To me it also meant a face is worth a thousand words.

The last woman remembered from the collage was a young woman, maybe in her 20’s or 30’s, in a pensive stance, leaning against a wall, dressed in exercise apparel. She looked very fit. She had a cool, restful pose as she leaned back, holding her hair to the side, away from her face.

Taking another look at the collage I realized I hadn’t remembered the woman with boxing gloves on with her “dukes” up. A picture of the upper half of a woman shyly covering her breasts and one snapping a front closure bra. I left out also a “Bill of Assertive Human Rights,” an article about a female country singer that plays guitar and has played since she was a child, and an article of how weddings have changed.

I wondered why I composed such a collage. It still remains in my office, but it is no longer on the top shelf of my desk leaning against the wall where it once stood. It’s been nailed up to give it a significant solid place.

I think each woman represented a part of me and of much that’s good about women, and being newly single then, my creativity felt returned. Each face held a meaning of new life for me connected to parts of them, like a shelter, a blossoming, and an acceptance of similar parts that we shared and strived to be better at.

The collage reminded me of a special time in my life when I made some very good decisions for myself. I expect to keep it around until its tattered, to remind me that there’s much to celebrate about women and much to like about me and that I did a good thing that day. Even if it fades, those faces, qualities and characteristics, will always be a part of me.

As women, we share each other’s pain or difficulties, but also the beauty of ourselves, our wisdom, our devotion, generosity, kindness, intelligence, intuitiveness, and hopefulness. It’s good to pick out a memory from your past that reverberates the soul of who you are, how you see others, identify with them, and come to that place where you realize how we have the same imprint. Not the same genetics, but that uniqueness that makes us the feminine divine.

A quiet day’s collage turned into a lifetime memory of admiration, love, and creativity for me and of all women, wishing us a safe journey.

Author and Writer of middle grade novels, short stories, & poems, for adults & the ageless:; updates website every 1st of the month.

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