Are You Searching for Christmas?

An Early Journey — There’s time

Photo by Liane Metzler on Unsplash

As our hearts search for the meaning of Christmas, you might wonder how children, yours and others, make time stand still and light up the sky with hope for the future, never minding that they’re making you broke by the second.

Consider a child that lives with love, smiles up at us, and looks forward to every moment not fearing the future, but embraces it because of the safety in your smiling back making time stand still in that one moment of trust like a camera catching a special picture.

The journey to the child as the Magi journeyed to Bethlehem becomes a journey to ourselves, each of us wrapped in swaddling clothes waiting for love to arrive. As we sit and wait in anticipation for this experience, we wait patiently in shopping lines, travel many miles to stores to get the best gift for another, and try to find the gifts our children have put on their lists. At this point we don’t look anything like the child in swaddling clothes because the child is wrapped in peace and we look like someone wrapped in saran wrap without an opening to breathe and the wonder passes and is lost for awhile.

Maybe we think it’s about giving, but it’s not. It’s about the journey, taking the trip, following the star to the child in each of us, as well as to our children’s houses, our families’, and our friends’. You have to make the trip to find Christmas for it lies in our hearts waiting for us to come inside out of the cold where the light is bright and the air is warm and where we’ll be in the best company as love brings anticipation and smiles back at us. You don’t need to have faith, only trust, like in that single precious moment when a child could make time stand still. That’s where you’ll find Christmas and when Christmas finds you.


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