Giulietta Passarelli
2 min readMar 1, 2022

WriteHere prompt — Sharing a favorite quote

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“Without its stones, a stream would lose its song” — by Donna Jo Napoli

I read a wonderful book once titled, “The Song of Magdalene” by author Donna Jo Napoli. This quote from that book brings understanding, a way to accept that life isn’t all smooth, and rarely is, but it’s natural.

Acceptance, the way we come to understanding, is also the way that helps us to let go of pain and anguish. We can be resistant to acceptance just as gem deposits or alluvial deposits concentrated in streams are resistant to chemical weathering.

I found out that many environmental changes can be affected by heat and pressure. In some instances of extreme heat and pressure, rocks melt, sort of like when we have meltdowns when things heat up. But in rare cases, pressures in metamorphic rocks may be high enough to form diamonds. Metamorphic rocks are found in mountain ranges.

Deposits in streams get eroded and evolve, sometimes turning into larger rocks if the water is swift. Life can be fast, speeding up details and situations, filling our day with enough stones, we may sometimes wonder if life will ever slow down or if things will get smoothed out or over. I felt that way this past week. My life was anything but smooth. As days wore on, more work and attention towards solutions and details were needed. I had doubts whether I would get back on the computer to write and if my head could clear away the rubble that was left. Eventually, and through much adjudication, some things were able to be resolved. There’s still a few pebbles which will leave when it’s possible. That kind of thinking brought acceptance.

To think of troubles or inconveniences or things not going smoothly as a song is hard to contemplate. But if and when we can accept that life brings ups and downs, acceptance will reverberate our beings. Acceptance brings calm, peace, and light as if we are dancing to a song that tempers regression, aggression, and agitation.

I love this quote also because it represents water. Water is essential to life for humans and our planet. Visualizing life as a stream helps, one that keeps moving, realizing it’s important not to stagnate. We’re human, but the more we can temper our feelings, but not denying them, we slowly stop stirring the spoon that makes us crazy and obstinate.

Recognizing stones for what they are in life as necessary for a stream to have a song, we can take a breath and begin to float, accepting its song, the song of a stream, the song of Magdalene.

Thanks for reading.

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