A poem

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Snowflake, snowflake,
falling free
how can there be so many?
if I had my way, any a day,
I’d change you to a penny

Shiny copper, falling free
there’s so many to catch
if I had my way, any a day,
I’d change you to a match

Glowing light, falling…



100 Words

Thrifty Words Challenge #79: Anniversary

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I forget to celebrate anniversaries. Anniversaries like when I became sugar-free (9/2001) or when I lost 30+ pounds. Both accomplishments made me happy and healthier. I did celebrate once after I earned my college degree later in life and I traveled to South Dakota on a bus. It was the…



Poetry — a mixture of words

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miracles, the stardust of life

crime, the grime of the streets

happiness, the panacea for healing

heartache, the beast of all beasts

marriage, the coping mechanism for loneliness

love, the balm of being banal

creativity, the restorer of souls

boring, the progenitor of perseverance



Giulietta Passarelli

Giulietta Passarelli

Author/Poet/Writer of middle grade novels, short stories, & poems, for adults & the ageless: http://www.gpassarelli.com; updates website every 1st of the month.